Preventive Actions For Your Auto Glass

No one wants to spend needless money, especially on something that could have been avoided.


So why neglect your auto glass when doing so could result in cracks and damages that require money to be fixed? Think about it.


Times are tough, and there are more important things money could be used for than repairing damage that could have been easily avoided, had you put in the extra effort.



So let’s talk about your auto glass…

Your car’s windshield. Not only does your windshield protect you in accidents, but keeping the windshield in top condition can also help prevent accidents. This is why preventative action should not be overlooked for your auto glass, especially on colder days.


When it’s wintertime, you have both the cold and snowy weather working against your windshield. If there are any cracks on your car, get the cracks fixed, or else the cold temperatures will expand the crack at an alarming rate, and you’ll end up spending even more money on replacement than repair.


Especially, especially, in cold temperatures, do not subject your windshield glass to warm water because it may crack the glass. You should definitely also avoid using water as your wiper fluid. Your window will get cracked. Opt instead for wiper fluid with anti-freeze and keep your windows clean and intact.



Now snow and ice are another matter…

When you know it’s going to snow the night before, put a windshield cover on the windshield glass. This way, in the morning, when you are cleaning your car and removing snow from the windows, you won’t have to worry about scraping the glass with the snow scraper. You can easily remove the cover to reveal a snow free glass. This will also save you time and effort.


Additionally, to protect your side mirrors, simply tie grocery bags around them. And if you want to go that extra step and protect all the car windows, you can buy a car blanket that covers the entire vehicle. When you’re ready to take the car out, simply remove the blanket and it’ll remove the snow for you.